POSTED Mar 18, 2011
    What an amazing pleasure it was to be there live to watch BIG BUCK'S charge up the hill to win his third World Hurdle yesterday. There were a couple of moments where it looked liked GRAND CRUS would get him, but he just kept finding more in a supremely brave and classy performance. For me, that was the sporting highlight of the week. BIG BUCK'S is truly an all-time great.

    It was also amazingly cool to see JUNIOR, who I'd seen win a flat race at Royal Ascot, win a jump race at Cheltenham. Next stop for him: The Grand National at Aintree. Perhaps the connections should pay to send me to Aintree. I am his good luck charm, after all.

    But before I start planning my trip to Liverpool, there is still one day left of the Festival. And it's not just any day, it's Gold Cup Day. I have two Gold Cup stories to tell. I'll tell one via video (you have to watch this twice. Once for my story, once for the dude heckling me):

    I'll be back in a bit with the other Gold Cup related story and also with some thoughts on today's tricky card.

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