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    POSTED Jan 25, 2012
    The focus on events this weekend is once again at Meadowlands presenting the Presidential, Complex and Clyde Hirt series finals on Saturday, Jan. 28. 

    At Woodbine, TwinSpires players once again get the big 10X TSC Elite Points through out the program with $10 win bets. Read below about the features and the players’ bonus for this Saturday series this winter.   

    At Cal-Expo the mission is to strike hard and direct in the no-takeout Pick 4, with a small ticket that destroys the pool. Once again, last week, the payout was meager ($176) and we came close to making that price big with three longshot seconds.   

    The Commander Of The Chiefs

    The Presidential Final for 2012 is worth $110,500 and it launches the first star of the older pacers on the busy schedule for this division. After two speedy wins in both legs, Golden Receiver will be the dead-on choice over his nine rivals. He will attempt to control the pace and steal the race.  

    Last week Silent Spring made a sharp early move for the lead when it may have been best for him to find a pocket, save some ground and flash his stuff in the stretch. In that race, Vintage Master was strong closing off of an overland journey, almost the same one that knocked out River Shark in his elim against “Receiver.” Coming from post 9, “Master” will have to negotiate a better trip to win here but that could open up the race to a ground-saving “Spring” at a price.   

    Complex Marks The Spot

    The Complex Final, worth $74,000, is adorned with four Ron Burke students, one which has dominated this condition so far this month. Itrustyou goes to post a giant favorite and one can only conjure an upset scenario. You will have to use Joltin Colt, whose mark this year on a five-eighths track is impressive and something to build upon for an improved mark on the two-turn mile. With the Burke entry, there is no other way to find a decent price here, so one has to look to a horse showing enough promise to pay well if he paces to expectations. 

    Clyde Hirt Final

     Four-year-old stallions and geldings, with conditions, go for $73,000 in the Clyde Hirt Final. Ron Burke has a big presence here, too. Last week’s leg-winner, Thebestofjoel, looks to make Burke the event’s winning trainer for two years in a row. 

    Burke says the horse won last week even though he was used hard leaving. “He has raced way better than I thought he would.” 

    Burke thinks the “Hirt is going to “be a great race because you’ve got horses outside of [‘joel’] that are going to try to be in it and I’m sure everybody from the inside is going to protect their position. Sonic Dancer looked like he wasn’t totally rigged. Give Kevin McDermott another week to get him to steer better and look out.” 

    Sonic Dancer is in a tough spot on the outside and as Burke suggests, may need this race to launch a win next time. We feel Special T Rocks can be in the picture and is certainly a good companion for joel in a decent paying exotic.  

    Saturday’s ‘Elite’

    Saturday, Jan. 28, Woodbine players at TwinSpires once again get 10X TSC Elite Points every time they cash a $10-win ticket on any race. And watch our Twitter account for contenders at great prices on the bonus-point evening. Last week two of our choices resulted in exactors with the favorites that paid $100-plus and $200-plus. We got your back and will let you in on any horse we have in mind in enough time for you to consider the contender.

    Cal Exotic

    Jan. 28’s no-takeout Pick 4 is on target at Cal-Expo as our campaign to take down the big number ensues. Here are our suggested contenders with comments:

    Leg 1
    (1) Cladstownimpression was a monster at 58-1 last week, dueling early and still holding on to take the place spot. He has been ignored once too often of late and could be again, though from the inside he may look more appetizing to bettors. (5) Freedons Art had a similar trip, hung early, though second, and held on for the place at 6-1. The others in this field are not showing promise from recent adventures.

    Leg 2
    (2) Hollywood Lenny could come right back after a giant winning effort, though hardly at a good price. Still, you cannot leave him out, for with the others here the ticket can still balloon. Certainly adding (8) Asgoodasitoncewas is important because his early foot last out sustained to the half after a duel for the top. This was a sign of life which cannot be ignored at 19-1.

    Leg 3
    (4) Komodas Fantasy was on the engine but quit as the choice. He could rebound and go the distance at a better price in this field.

    Leg 4
    (5) Jane The Brain keeps racing better than her odds. She got the third check in a mile last week at 8-1 and is poised to push out a winning mile. This is the kind of field that may turn it over for her.
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