• Last ‘Levy’ Stand; Courageous Lady Calls Seven

    POSTED Apr 24, 2013

    The George Morton Levy Series Final for stalwart older pacers becomes the focus this Saturday, April 27, with the older mares co-starring in the final of the Blue Chip Matchmaker, both at the events’ home track, Yonkers Raceway.

    After five weeks of divisions that produced less-than-startling results, it is obvious that there are a few top contenders in both series finals that can be their own worst enemies in the contests’ conclusions. Below we analyze the only possible ways to make money on the series’ finales by focusing on the obvious contenders’ problems, which can open the doors for some weaker competition to upset the proverbial pacing applecart.

    There’s also a “Levy” consolation worth $100,000 and a $50,000 Levy-eligible spinoff mile, all of which we will dig into with pleasure.

    The earliest contest with a major purse for soph-filly pacers takes place at Northfield Park this Friday, April 26. Seven dainty femmes get nasty for $84,000 in this tough-as-nails four-turn mile in an attempt to take down the biggest share of the prize and make the harness headlines before any in their division has a chance.

    TwinSpires’ exclusive harness horses to watch (H2W) list goes deeper this season than it has ever gone due to popular demand. This season we have handed readers lists of winning horses that have peaked at $100 for a simple $2 bet, offered from tracks across the continent. This week we add horses from Hoosier and Pompano.

    As well, the TwinSpires’ 10-percent bonuses for winning the Pick 4 at Woodbine on Saturday nights continue. And now, get the same deal with Pick 4s at Hoosier Park throughout the harness meet, and double points plus (click here).

    Check out the details for Woodbine here.

    Check out the Hoosier details here.

    And check into the Hambletonian Trail blog, our exclusive information center where through April you can get acquainted with the eligibles to the classic Hambletonian and “Oaks,” each raring to start in spring stakes battles to get spots in the August 2013 classics. Bookmark the blog and check in often as the season ensues for great betting information on the stakes leading to the first weekend in August. It’s an exclusive series spinning off from this blog, brought to you by TwinSpires and the Hambletonian Society.

    ‘Levy’ Leftovers

    Saturday three Levy-related miles highlight the Yonkers program. The Levy-eligible mile features eight, with one, we feel, that is peaking just at the right time. That is Eighteen. Last week he was full of himself and almost got to the big favorite while ignored at 28-1. This could be his night in the limelight.   

    The six-digit Levy Consolation may be a showcase for Electrofire. We have no way to predict the public’s betting behavior here (last week he was 33-1) but we see Electrofire and EZ Noah in the forefront for prices. “EZ” was our choice for an upset in a chapter of the final leg but had trouble negotiating a second-over trip in the Razzle Dazzle division and finished last after a strong move that sent him too wide to make ground on the short Yonkers stretch. He raced far better than Atochia and Classic Rock Nroll, both which finished in front of him respectively.   

    That Razzle Dazzle-won division was a fine race and could turn out to be a sort of key race, producing winners in the next few weeks. We hope to see one tonight at a price in the consolation.   

    The final, worth a whopping $450,000, is so filled with speed that the best of this lot could find themselves clouded in smoke for the sake of wanting the cherished top spot on the half-mile. Razzle Dazzle gets the wood and the best shot at being best solely on commanding the pace. However, Foiled Again and Something For Doc are not going to sleep early in the mile; they don’t want to dream about losing.   

    The top three posts, featuring Razzle Dazzle, Versado and Annieswesterncard in that order, will launch boldly to secure the lead or at the least a good pocket. By the half there could be dangerous dueling at Foiled Again and “Doc” begin to challenge. The only scenario worth wagering here, we feel, is the one where Dancin Yankee is kept at bay by driver Tim Tetrick and he is raring to go with speed and space just as the others are struggling to stay alive. This would be a fine upset with a fine price.   

    ‘Blue-Chip’ Mares

    The Blue Chip Matchmaker final and a $75,000 consolation are also on the card April 27 at Yonkers. The consolation is a tough call but we like Handsoffmycookie to do what she has almost done in her two if five of her outings this season—win and win firmly against a group where she is apt to be under rated, though it is a very well-matched bunch.  

    The $285,000 final, on the other hand, seems to belong to Ramona Disomma. She is fit and on a roll now and could take control of this mile and win at a decent price. Certainly Camille will get played, as will Rocklamation and Anndrovette but with those two on the outside, the coveted 5 hole where “Ramona” lanches, should add strength to her trip.  

    Brave Babes

    The Courageous Lady field includes seven soph-filly pacers that are searching for their identities at three; not one of them has raced this season more than thrice and they are all bidding on the national stage, having had frosh experience in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ontario and Ohio.

    The Meadows-Mohawk entry, Charisma Hanover, is the morning-line favorite and bound to be a big favorite, especially since driver Dave Palone has taken the short trip west for the filly’s second soph race. Palone must have a commitment on “Charisma,” since the other horse he guided to victory this year, Carols Desire, was not his choice. The hot-reins man Ronnie Wrenn, Jr. gets the ride we assume Palone turned away.   

    Champagne Tonight has the best record and the most class at two. This is her debut at three and the Clair Umholtz filly looks ready after three qualifiers in Cleveland. She may return with a powder keg performance, proving she has potential to be with the division’s best this season.  

    And then there is Cams Macharena, a Mach Three filly that has won four for 10 and has excuses for losing her first two as a sophomore, both at Woodbine. She is bred for speed and in her recent two jaunts in hometown Ontario she did not wither to tough challenges, finishing third both times as a dead-on choice. Here she will not get that kind of respect and yet she is as classy as “Champagne” and more gutsy than Palone or Wrenn’s mounts.   

    Chances are that we may never see this price on “Macharena” again because if she is as good as we assess she will win having no problem with the outside post and drawing the attention of all chalk players the next few times out (which will probably be stakes). Having Tyler Smith aboard is a big plus; he drives far better than the odds of some of his winners, which have stunned more than a few players.

    H2W Legend

    As we publish weekly, here is the H2W legend, Review our choices and follow the wagering at the prescribed track to decide how you will use the information.

    The horses names are listed beneath the name of the track after the date theywill be racing. The race in which they are entered (R and race number) follows. If a + is in front of a horse’s name it means that horse is appearing on the list for the second (and last time) because it failed to win the first time it appeared.   

    An “ae” signals the horse is entered but on the also-eligible list (so it might not get into the race). Multi-horses may be listed in the same race.   

    Horses from previous lists that are not racing have a NR after the name on a separate line from dated entries.   

    Wagering on any of the H2W listed horses is based on your own judgment. Your handicapping skills should include decisions to wager to win, place, show or in exotics. If you have any questions about the H2W list, send them to us through the TwinSpires blog channel.    


    4/26/13 Native Roots R1; Jk Abigezunt R1; MS Heather M R2; +Cry For Cash R3; Pacific Prince R3; Windsong Ingenius R5; Fifty Two Finn R8; Upandover Hanover R10; Bailys Magic ae R10
    4/27/13, Pw Tootsie R10; Quick Change Artist R13
    Naked News NR

    Cal Expo
    4/26/13, Mousseline Hanover R7; Loco For Cocoa R9; Ra Ra Steven R12; Eggwhite Inmy Beer R14
    4/27/13, Stiletosilverheels R2; KD Amazin Spirit R3; Amazin Dot R6; +Aj’s Little One R7; +Bullet Tooth Tony R13; Flash’s Camilla R14
    Paul The Powerful NR; Haggin Oaks NR 

    4/26/13, +Westridge Warrior R5
    Red Star Scammer NR; Fast Lane Wealth NR

    4/27/13,  +Mastermaker R3; Fleeting Desire R3; Newsam R4; Magnum Mike R5; Best Magic R10
    Pacey Deucey NR

    4/25/13, Bullwinkle R14
    4/26/13, Regil Millionaire R4; Richerthanrayno ae R4; Holy Chip R5; ER Sister R6; Lordy Gordy R7; Keep On Flirtin R7; Velocity Vespa R10; Maddy’s Fantasy R10; Flashy R11; Shabalabadingdong R13 

    4/26/13, Black Blitz R4; Swimsuit Model R4; Racy Betty R5; Cagney Munster R6; Dollys Joy R8
    4/27/13, +Fort Ord R3; Rain Dance Maggy R5; +Bell Valley Indian R11 

    4/25/13, Rock N Jam R7; +Nightinthebox R8
    4/26/13, Catch The Rapids R2; +Le-sirenus R6; Stryker R10; Pin Stripes R12; Prime Escape ae R12
    Silky Salt Shaker NR

    4/26/13, Towner’s Great Lady R2; Attack Of The Town R2; Some Little Star R4; Pair Of Eyes R4; Blissfull Jessie R6; +Queens Or Better R7; Blue Time Ice Lady R7; Hurricane Hanna R7; Arion R9; Erikadikete R9; +Survivalism R10; Artie’s Gift R12; Just Got Lucky R13

    4/27/13, Automatic Teller R3; +Hurricane Scotty J R5; +Mississippi Hippy R8; +Fool To Cry R9; Foreign Officer R15
    Delco Rocknroll NR

    4/27/13, Avantage R3; Joltin Duel R4; Wingull ae R4; T’s Electric R6; Kennairnmachmagic R9   

    4/26/13, Southwest R7; Delano R10
    4/27/13, Stettin Hanover R5; +Maxnifizent R7; +Our Ella R8 ; Tiger Would Too R8; Worldly Domination R13; Fish Tales R13   

    Ray Cotolo contributed to this edition.
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