• TwinSpires Horse Racing Podcast w/Derek Simon 05/22 by TwinSpires Radio | Blog Talk Radio

    POSTED May 22, 2013
    In the News & Notes segment, Derek Simon and Ed DeRosa recap the Preakness Stakes and discuss “the bounce” theory.

    Then, in a special Racing History installment, Derek explains why 11 is greater than 10 — and how that relates to speed-figure handicapping. 


    Anonymous said...

    Your global warming argument has the same flaw as people who expect horses to "bounce", as it is based on feeling. "I feel this horse will bounce today" is the same as "man cannot affect the earth because the earth is big and old and man is inconsequential and small compared to the earth".

    The fact is we can measure CO2 levels, we know that they are much higher than historical levels, and they have been increasing much more rapidly since the industrial revolution began (when we started burning significant amounts of fossil fuels). We also know from chemistry and physics, that CO2 can absorb and re-emit infrared radiation (heat), wrapping the earth in a sort of blanket, and can predict the effect an increase of a given ppm of CO2 will have on the temperature of the earth. The earth is undoubtedly warming, and we can demonstrate the man's effect on the earth.

    Now you can take issue with the conclusions people draw about how bad the effects of this rising temperature will be or what solutions we should pursue, or whether these solutions will have any effect in the grand scheme, but the fact is man is affecting the temperature of the earth and we can measure it.

    Derek Simon said...

    If I said -- which I don't think I did -- that man has NO effect on the planet, I misspoke.

    What I meant (and what I think I said) is that man's influence is limited.

    Also, I was specifically referring to those who claim man is "destroying" the Earth. I stated in a column on this subject that man may, in fact, destroy himself, but he is incapable (at least at this point) of destroying an entire planet.

    To think otherwise is to give far more credit to our abilities than is deserved.

    Teresa said...

    I am happy to learn about your podcast. I won't miss your next episode. See you later.

    Jim Rhodes said...

    I think you have a great podcast. Check this site and you will find me there. If you need any help with your future episodes - give me a call.

    Emily said...
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