• Maywood, Dover Share Weekend Spotlights

    POSTED Nov 13, 2013

    Once again this weekend we focus on the Midwest and East, this time at Maywood on Friday, Nov. 15, and back to Dover on Sunday, Nov. 17.

    Four of Maywood Park’s biggest stakes are on the same program this season. The Windy City for soph-colt pacers, the Abe Lincoln for frosh-colt pacer, the Galt for soph-colt trotters and the Cinderella for Soph-filly pacers are the highlights on the Chicago-area half-mile.

    Dover’s Novemberfest of stakes ensues with eight Matron Finals for two- and three-year-olds on both gaits, leaving some soph-colt pacers out for the upcoming Progress Pace before November ends.

    Our horses-to-watch (H2W) list continues to post hot prospects for win, place, show and exotics uses at many of the tracks TwinSpires carries loyally.

    The Maywood Quartet
    The $87,000 Abe Lincoln starts the stakes’ portion of the Maywood card, with seven frosh-colt pacers unevenly spread out. That judgment is based upon the caliber of this field, where one is still a maiden and three have only won once. The maiden, however, is the second highest earner of the group and could graduate here after seven seconds in 17 starts. Topping the money wagon is Kingofthejungle, bound to be the public choice. But considering the imbalance of talent, perhaps a price could accompany Odds On Rhodonite? The third-place money-earner of the group this season is hard to knock against these and may pay off.

    The $110,00 Galt Stakes collected eight for the mile. After last week’s win (we gave him to you at $25), Lindy’s Tru Grit will be bet heavily here and have a big shot. However, King Mufasa will take some money, leaving Rossini and Dewycolorintheline aching or bets. The latter may not be supported as strongly as Rossini but seems to be back in shape after some miscues, which could be the key to a big price. We like Rossini best and “Dewy” with an asterisk to win but definitely in the exotics.

    The $73,000 Cinderella Stake has seven soph-filly pacers, including a gal we liked in the Am-Nat last week but failed. Auniqueaquisition failed in the I Luv The Nitelife upset mile but looks good again here, with probable co-choice Always About Katey. Third choice could be Pertty Music and she would be a fair price if she were to follow them. She is the outside contender and our choice here with Auniqueaquisition next.

    Soph-colt pacers conclude the stakes portion of the program with the $177,000 Windy City Pace. The public will strongly endorse Lucan Hanover after that one challenged Captaintreacherous uneventfully last week. Not living up to some hype late in the season is Word Power but he could be trouble for “Lucan” here and will definitely be the price to support. Lucan will be all out (he is a half-mile world-record holder) but will most likely offer nothing for the wager. This event is rife with outsiders winning since it became a lesser stakes on the calendar for the glamour boys.

    Magnificent Matrons

    Let’s look at some possibly profitable offerings in the Matron finals in the order of the program at Dover, Sunday, Nov. 17.

    Three-year-old filly trot
    Ma Chere Hall comes to this with all engines firing, shed free of Bee A Magician and a number of other top division gals. We need an outside contender, however, and we will take Thistle Dhu again, forgiving her poor prep last week.

    Two-year-old colt pace
    The Burke contingent will be hunting Mcwicked and prices will be low for any of them to win. Stevensville, another productive Someheachsomewhere colt, could steamroll them all at a price.

    Two-year-old colt trot
    Nuncio holds all the cards and attention of the bettors in this one. Well Built, though, is peaking late and this may be her season’s best if she stays flat and trots her bloodline speed. We would not be surprised to see her try the top and keep it. The Muscle Hill daughter is getting better each race and could be a fair price here.

    Two-year-old filly pace
    The public will spread bets out between a few in this one, so it is difficult to call which—Tyra, Beach Body, Instant Respect or Ali Blue—may be the true overlay. If Somethinincredible is behind them in the betting, she gets our call because that will definitely be an overlay; she has every right to be a contender in this one.

    Two-year-old filly trot
    There isn’t too much to prevent Shake It Cerry from taking it all, so you judge her value and either pass or look for a strong exacta with some of the longer shots.

    Three-year-old colt pace
    Those not attending the Progress Pace are here, mostly second stringers from the division and a lot may happen during this mile considering the lot of them. Certainly Vegas Vacation will be a public choice and go flying to try to get them from beginning to end but don’t count out Emeritus Maximus, who last week, as we predicted, woke up against Sunshine Beach. That one has some work to do to get the better of “Vegas” and Twilight Bonfire, who may show some speed as his tactic here. “Maximus” will be worth it for sure.

    Three-year-old filly pace
    Your giant favorite here, Shebestingin, can be beat. A morning line of 3-5 is not truly deserved. A threat with a good price will be delivered by Cheyenne Miriam. It looks like the public will ignore all she has earned this year and the fact that her sire has been very productive. She may shine here against fillies that her talent equals, though she has not had a chance to prove it until now. 

    Three-year-old colt trot
    Smilin Eli is in the good with the crowd again and after winning the elim last week the public should invest heavily. But All Laid Out may not be done with his season and he could show up strong as he did when he made noise the first time with this squeaky division, and maybe at a decent price, too. Neither should Bluto or Tirade Hanover dismissed; they could be in for a piece of it and truly inflate the exotics.

    H2W Legend

    Review our choices and follow the wagering at the prescribed track. These are possible contenders we have judged from reviewing races. The horses’ names are listed beneath the name of the track after the date they will be racing. The race in which they are entered (R and race number) follows. If a + is in front of a horse’s name it means it is appearing on the list for the second (and last time) because it failed to win the first time it appeared. An “ae” signals the horse is entered but on the also-eligible list. Types of wagering on any of the H2W listed horses are based on your judgment. If you have any questions, email us at TwinSpires.


    11/16/13, +Air Current R4 R10

    Cal Expo
    11/15/13, +Bams Hottie R9
    11/16/13, +Giles LS Hanover R5; +I’m An Eyre NZ R 11; Van Donk R12

    11/15/13, +Makemywishcometrue ae R1; +Matts Smokin Lil R6 
    11/16/13, Bettorific R7; +Nf Independence R12

    11/15/13, +Dazzling Diana ae R7

    11/14/13, Speed Minister R4; Smoken Cambest R8
    11/15/13, +Hurricane Finale R1; +Repertoire ae R3; 

    11/15/13, Tea N Tea Go R3; Bo Tox Hanover R4; Jedi Hanover ae R5; Prismatica R6; Eradikate R7; Do Me Honor R10; +All Heart Gal R10; +Aj Niko D’oro R11; Jungle Of Terror R12; Dvc Freewaytofreedom R13; +Winning Double R14

    11/15/13, +All About Justice R8; +Il Mago R10; +Flashbacks R12
    11/16/13, Hold Your Hat R5

    11/16/13, Fine Fine Fine R5

    11/15/13, Skeeter R2; Real Yankee Fan R2; Petraeus R5; Hi Edith R5; I’m Max R6; Baby Boy Grin R8; Pop I R8; Need Help Here R8; Jump The Shark R11
    11/16/13, B Blissful R1; Racketeer R2; Upfront Ellijay Ed R3; All Powerful R4; Pedro’s Dream R6; Irish Elitist R8; Red Star Tomahawk R8; Screenplay R10; Spencer B R12

     Ray Cotolo contributed to this edition.

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