• Pick 4 Picks A Plenty

    POSTED Feb 23, 2011
    Just because there is no stakes action this weekend doesn’t mean the harness opportunities cease. Indeed, tracks across North America will be offering a plethora of programs filled with win, place, show and exotic investments.

    On the exotic calendar, once again, are the popular Pick 4s. Specifically, the no-takeout late Pick 4 on Saturday at Cal Expo and the Meadowlands’ Saturday Pick 4 with TwinSpires’ 10-percent bonus.

    Here is a look at our suggested contenders for the Meadowlands and Cal Expo exotics, along with some other weekend material from our personal watch lists. Each week we peruse charts and watch replays at various tracks, compiling horses that should come back in their next race or two and produce a solid win with a great price. When we aren’t letting you in on those contenders here, we announce them on the TwinSpires Facebook page. If you aren’t connected over there yet, log on and get started.

    Pick-4 Meadowlands Mania

    The $100,000-guaranteed Pick 4 will continue through the rest of the winter meet (through March). With the 15-percent takeout on the Pick 4, we remind you that on TwinSpires you get a 10-percent bonus.

    Race 6
    (2) Spy N makes a slight step up into this class after an outside trip with the winds blowing 40-plus-miles-per-hour against the backstretch. He could be better tonight. (5) Grab Your Keys went for the front on that same windy night, was challenged and dropped out of the race; moving inside here should help.

    Race 7
    (3) Picture Me just lost to Q Rock on President’s Day by a nose. This step up may not hurt this guy. (8) Super Eighty Eight is stepping down after a rough outside trip where he was pressured and may come back with a better journey. (10) Hay Goodlooking did not show his full potential just yet and may even though he is stepping up after an outside trip in high winds. This guy will be a longshot.

    Race 8
    (3) Mypanmar is in a good class for him, moves to the  rail and may upset. (4) Woodstock Hanover has back class from the Meadowlands last year and almost got the win last week from post 10. Hard to believe he will be off the board.

    Race 9
    (2) Laguna Beach almost got the win last week. In this field he will likely be part of the triple. (9) Killer Quakes always has rough trips, having to close but if he gets in the cover flow he could upset.

    This ticket is worth $24. Add or subtract horses to fit your budget.

    Cal Exotic

    Race 11
    (1) Wrangler Reward was in a duel last week with (4) Star Time Kid. The latter won the duel as the favorite in a strong performance. But “Reward” challenged at 29-1 and surely cannot be left out of this ticket.

    Race 12
    (7) Hell N Damnation has won two straight and may go for the hat trick in a field filled with foes sporting disappointing recent performances. Dare you single this one?

    Race 13
    (6) Peter Hot Tail has had a good season thus far and last week, at 16-1, he made one of the powerful moves that have served him well. He finished third. This field seems chock full of short horses, a plus for “Peter” as well as for (7) El Real Grande, who put in a clunker and deserves another shot. 

    Race 14
    (4) Heartbreak Ridge closed well at 4-1 against last week’s favorite, (5) Myra’s Hi Ho, who was second. These two should handle this field.  

    Our ticket is an ideal $8 toss at the big pool.      

    Watch List Action

    At Pompano on Feb. 26, we are considering two horses. In Race 7, Daley Deposit Only (6) and in Race 9, Western Artwork (7).

    At Northfield Park, we are considering six horses. In Race 1, Blueridge Tooquick (1); in Race 3, Gramma’s Guy (5); in Race 4, Gordie How (2); in Race 6, Genesis See Ya (7); in Race11, Fueled N Waiting (8); and in Race 12, Cherokee Ryder (5).

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    Just because there is no stakes action this weekend doesn’t mean the harness opportunities cease. Indeed, tracks across North America will be offering a plethora of programs filled with win, place, show and exotic investments.

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