• Additions To Divisions; Winter Watch Ensues

    POSTED Jan 2, 2013
    We wish a happy birthday to racehorses of all breeds.

    Jan. 1 of each year marks the universal birthday for racehorses. Whether born in January or June, all horses are a year older now. New divisions will form as the months ensue. Don’t hold your breath, we won’t see the youngsters for months. The older groups will begin the stakes season in the bitter cold and the stalwart veterans will meet new foes as last year’s sophomores join their ranks.

    Meanwhile, we are watching the overnighters closely in our horse-to-watch list (H2W), scoring from east to west with hot entries that have already returned a gamut of prices. Remember that this is an exclusive list, it is released to TwinSpires harness players through this blog and there is no other list like it anywhere. It is our personal playing information and we are sharing it with you to benefit from the great track action available at TwinSpires through the cold months when the sport’s stars narrow down to those winners we play.

    Again, about using the H2W list:

    All members of the list need to be considered serious contenders in the races noted. Wagering on any of them is based on your own judgment of value, as well as if you wager to win, place, show or in an exotic. If you have any questions about the H2W list, send them to us through the TwinSpires blog channel.

    H2W Keys

    Are you new to this blog? Here is a primer on how to read the H2W list.  

    Before the horses’ names is the track, followed on the next paragraph by a date it (or they) will be racing, with the race in which they are entered (R and race number). If a + is in front of a horse’s name, it means that horse is appearing on the list for the second (and last time) because it failed to win the first time it appeared. An “ae” means the horse is on the also-eligible list and needs a scratch to get into the race. Sometimes up to three horses are listed in the same race; it is up to you how to deal with the situation (note that in the past this situation has resulted in exacta and triples).  

    If a horse that has appeared on the list but was scratched or is not racing its second week consecutively, you will see a N/R after its name and will appear on a separate line from dated entries. And if a horse shows up at another track in its second week of being listed, it will display the plus sign as indicated above. Freehold has closed, as has Philly. 

    1/5/13, +Sporty Gypsy R10; Bring It On Kaajay R11
    **+Whirlwinddiplomacy; **+Gilly Ho; **+Casino Comp R10
    **Check Balmoral entries for 1/6, which are unavailable at press time, so see if ** are entered or if they are N/Rs

    Cal Expo
    1/4/13, +Little Box Out R1; +Chevie Balboa, R3; +Scootin Higher R4; +Cherry Tree Nicole R6;
    1/5/13, Marlene's Angel R3; Cruisin Inmybeamer R3; Majestic Lass R4; +Ajs Little One R6; Mousseline Hanover R8; +Ogs Si Bon R10; +Racetrack Diva R11; +Laugh Away R12; +Persuade Me R15
    +Rd Lou N/R; +Cherry Tree Luke N/R8; +Komodas Fantasy N/R; +Moody Miss N/R

    1/6/13, +Red Star Brooklyn R2; +Succulent R5; +Another Opinion R7; +Cam On Mink R10; +Millbanks Ariel R11; +Pureform Goodtogo R11
    +Tap Out N/R; +Workfortheman N/R

    1/4/13, Lady Bess N R4; Cannes R5; Lily Langtree R8; +Superstar Dream R8; That’s A No No R9; +Tourific R9
    +J’omama N/R; +Fandango Dancer N/R; +Country Fresh N/R; +Allthatnthensome N/R; +Milliondollar Art N/R; +Cool Ashlee N/R

    1/4/13 Bring The Rain R1; Dan Lowe R3; Tes Zenyatta R8; Lady Lizard R12
    +Rejoiceandbehappy N/R; +Cams Princess Wave N/R; +Georges Ztam N/R

    1/4/13 + Likeabatoutahell R7; Don’t Point At R8
    1/5/13 +Three New Dawns R5; +Armbro Billow R10
    +Arctic Fire N/R

    1/4/13, +Macjurcoharry R2; Lucky Express R3; +Passionate Gold R3; +Triple G R3; +Cien R4; +Perfekjehlmnkalfas R5; +Custers Last Stand R13; +Harmony Oaks Rebel R14
    +Rd Rustler N/R; +She Shell Cruise N/R; +Kinnick N/R; +Arts Shadow N/R; +Lee A Bryant N/R; +Sand Latte N/R

    1/5/13, Lucky Sniper R1; Lee Wind R2 ae; Dragons Blood R3; Muscles To Spare R5; Jazz Band R6; Kennairnmachmagic R6; +Max Q R9; +Major Najor R10 
    +Desert Hanover N/A
    Cartoon by Thom Pye

    Ray Cotolo contributed to this edition.
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