• Stop, Look And Win

    POSTED Jan 30, 2013
    We are in between major stakes action again. February stakes-and-series offers will be presented at the Meadowlands in February but in the meantime, even though this winter weather is unpredictable by and large, we have other tracks and action to address.

    A special TwinSpires promotion for players of the Feb. 2 Woodbine harness card is on the docket, so check out the ways and means of that by clicking here.

    We won't handicap the entire Pick 4 at Woodbine but below we offer one horse in each of the legs we feel you should have on your ticket.

    Our exclusive horses-to-watch list (H2W) has been reeling in successful horses and we continue this week sans the cancellations last weekend’s bad weather provoked. First, let us answer some questions that have crossed our desk about the horses that earn their ways onto the H2W.

    The most asked questions concern the lack of information we include with H2W inclusions. All of these inquiries can be answered simply. We do not take into consideration any of the usual elements people place weight upon when handicapping a harness race. Hot drivers or trainers don’t matter to us; class plays little-to-no role in the selection; track size and the track itself are moot points.

    We are concerned with trips, which in our decades of experience have always been the primary predictors of which horses would contend in their next two or three outings. Other elements so not matter to us, including speed, which is always a debatable factor. With this in mind, it would only clutter the text to add those tired, brief comments that handicappers have attached to picks for as long as there have been tip sheets.

    Suffice it to say that H2W horses have raced impressive recently and must be considered “live” now, regardless of morning-line or post-time odds. Our experienced eyes watch races objectively and notice the trips that send up flares that horses may be ready to fire and hopefully pay well.

    The proof of this is in the results of our H2W candidates. Our larger double-digit successes so far this season have not appeared as picks in any other blog or pick sheet; they have been exclusive to TwinSpires’ readers. Always review the legend, published again below, to authenticate the choices and learn to judge how you will use the information.


    Before the horses’ names is the track, followed on the next paragraph by a date it (or they) will be racing, with the race in which they are entered (R and race number). If a + is in front of a horse’s name, it means that horse is appearing on the list for the second (and last time) because it failed to win the first time it appeared. An “ae” means the horse is on the also-eligible list and needs a scratch to get into the race. Sometimes up to three horses are listed in the same race; it is up to you how to deal with the situation (note that in the past this situation has resulted in exacta and triples).  

    If a horse that has appeared on the list but was scratched or is not racing its second week consecutively, you will see a N/R after its name and will appear on a separate line from dated entries. And if a horse shows up at another track in its second week of being listed, it will display the plus sign as indicated above.

    There is a margin of error, of course, so we encourage you to keep your own list along with our list to be sure our H2W is free of mistakes.

    All members of the list need to be considered serious contenders in the races noted. Wagering on any of them is based on your own judgment of value, as well as if you wager to win, place, show or in exotics. If you have any questions about the H2W list, send them to us through the TwinSpires blog channel.


    2/1/13, +Freds Dream R1; Townline Debbie R 2; Dudley Doright R5; Fourstarzconfusion R7; Hidden Dragon R11; Grayland Becky R13
    2/2/13, +Full Circle Sprint R1; +Northmedo Esther R6; +Aston Seelster R13

    Cal Expo
    1/31/13, Viking Mia R3; Cat Call R4; Wildcats Major R11
    2/1/13, Barona Destiny R1; Morwyn Hanover R1; Girls Lie Too R6; +Loco For Cocoa R13
    2/2/13, Mighty Kicker, R1; +A Little Looney R9; +Boot Scootin Bow R10; Charmer R13; Fire On Ice R14
    +Forever My Love N/R; Smiling Major N/R

    2/1/13, +I Hear Voices R2; Millbanks Ariel R6; Cody Cobraski R7; Procrastinationatinpeat R8; Bobbysslackeystar R8; +Thunder Noise R8; Anasazzi Road R9; Kg Mattattack R10; Latino Hall R10; +Midnight Destroyer R10; Hf Thanks Will R11; Rich As Promised R11  

    2/1/13, Devine Filly R2; Hello Linda R3; Chesca Girl R6; Sammy L R8
    2/2/13, GW Gizmo R1; Pocketfullapower R5; +The Life Boat R6; The Midnight Owl N R8
    +Whatever Lolawants NR  

    2/1/13, Gram Legend R3; Master Jeeves R4; Stoney Interlude R 7; Balladeer Hanover R9; +Nine Innings R9; Dontgetbyme R10; Dick McTracy R13 

    1/13/13, +Paisley R4; +Corky Baran R7; Rocknroll Jewel R10
    1/2/13, Mystical Victress R1; Lucky Roll R6; Delightful Diva R7; April Sunshine R9; Dragon Princess R11
    +Celebrity Bombay N/R; +Time To Roll N/R

    The Meadows
    2/1/13, +Wardog Hall R1; Grin-n-scoot R3; Aks Livin Large R5; Charles Ray R6; Tk Diva R8; Abundasass R8; Wizkey Road R9; +All Day Pass R11; +Bourbon St Hanover R12; Ram Jam R13; Bs Surgin Dan R15; Bloomington R15
    Aj Niko D’oro N/R; Haverford Hanover N/R; Campo Basso NR  

    2/1/13, Sweetie Sue Cam R2; +Fast Attack R2; +Coupon Lady R3; Redmeansgo R5; It’s a Sham R6; Katies Dreamboat R8; +Blue Time Ice Lady R8; Dawn Of New Money R10; Jessies Band R13; Billys Joni R13; Hagitha R14; Beforethenightstarts R15
    +Arts Shadow N/R; +Iknowwhatboyslike N/R 

    1/30/13, +Straight Jack R5
    2/2/13, Peaceful Price R2; One Lucky Dragon R3; A Fool For Mack R4; Taylor C R11
    Whiteland Will N/R; Ricks Sign N/R 

    2/1/13, Mobile R1; Macho Lindy R2+Live Jazz R2; Chang Dynasty R7
    2/2/13, +Western Dakota R10
    +Summer Snow N/R; Hulas Z Tam N/R
     Woodbine contenders for TwinSpires Feb. 2 promo:
    Race 4, Yackety Yak
    Race 5, Whippet Good
    Race 6, Duke Of Donegal
    Race 7, Coach Cal

    Ray Cotolo contributed to this edition.

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