• A-B-C-Deep on the Arlington Million day card at Arlington International Racecourse

    POSTED Aug 17, 2013
    You don't need a Ph.D. in Cristometrics to take a look at my ABC grid and figure out that I'll be leaning on the "A" column a lot.

    The internal conversation goes something like this, "If I'm using this horse then I have to use this horse." That's why Indy Point is a lone "A". I'm willing to bet that he's the horse many thinks he is, and 3-to-1 isn't a bar price for that opinion. But after him can I really use a horse like Finnegan's Wake (yes) but split hairs on Mull of Kilough and The Apache? No.

    So the hope is that I get at least two "A" horses home in the all-stakes $200,000 guaranteed Pick 4, and I'll probably need at least three such horses in the $100,000 guaranteed Pick 5. My selections for races 8, 9, and 10 are also good for TwinSpires.com Jackpot 5 purposes. The bet kicks off today with a $25,000 carryover and includes the Grade 1s from Arlington as well as races from Indiana & Louisiana Downs.

    Good luck to all those playing today, including Summer Showdown, Jackpot 5, and the great wagering menu on Arlington Million day at Arlington International Racecourse--a Pick 6, a Pick 5, three Pick 4s, and rolling doubles and Pick 3s.


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