• Executive corner: Jeremy Clemons on Twinnovation, Jackpot 5, and TwinSpires mobile

    POSTED Aug 16, 2013
    TwinSpires.com Vice President of Marketing and Product Development Jeremy Clemons crashes the TwinSpires.com blog to all the great innovation that has come to TwinSpires.com this summer

    Pardon me while I highjack the TwinSpires Blog from the normal in-depth handicapping and racing analysis provided by Ed, Derek, and Frank, but I wanted to share some thoughts on a  few recent innovations at TwinSpires.com--what we call "Twinnovations" around here.

    Saturday marks the launch of a year’s worth concepting, developing, and investing in a new wager called JACKPOT 5.

    This Pick 5 wager is unique in that you get two wagers for your $1 base ticket.

    First, 20% of the funds are directed toward the Jackpot pool, which carries a unique ticket provision popularized by other Jackpot wagers such as Gulfstream’s Rainbow Six.

    Second, 80% of the funds are directed toward the Show Pick 5 pool which pays to any ticket with runners finishing third or better in all 5 races. This set up allows players to take a swing at the Jackpot while also having the potential to make a nice return in the Show Pick 5 pool.

    To jump start the wager, we are putting $25,000 of TwinSpires.com’s marketing dollars up to seed the Jackpot Carryover pool. Who doesn’t like an immediate overlay, right?

    The wager will consist of races from multiple tracks from across the country and will usually wrap up within 90 minutes. Free Brisnet.com Ultimate PPs and freeDaily Selections analysis is provided for each Jackpot 5 sequence (every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday following Saturday's launch).

    In addition to Jackpot 5, we recently rolled out a new web APP for smartphones that can be found by visiting m.twinspires.com from your smartphone or tablet browser.

    The initial feedback on our new mobile APP is extremely positive. The APP features performance improvements and a new wager pad that both greatly improve the speed of placing wagers via mobile device.

    Another highlight of the new TwinSpires Mobile APP is the addition of EZ Money Deposits.  Couple those upgrades with program information and live video and you literally can be Twinning from anywhere an internet connection is available, and more developments & improvements are coming!

    More information about the new TwinSpires Mobile is available here.

    We hope you like our latest creations, but if you don’t then that is OK too. Regardless, we want to hear your feedback about Jackpot 5, TwinSpires Mobile and all of our offerings. Please email us at player.services@twinspires.com with your thoughts.

    Anonymous said...

    The progress is excellent. The mobile site is awesome. I've now started using it over Express mode on my iPad. The Jackpot 5 sounds interesting. I like the jackpot single payout, but I like the Show jackpot pool better. It's kind of like the NYRA Grand Slam...without having to hit a home run.

    Keep up the great work.

    Railbird Scotty said...

    Agree. Big fan of the mobile site. The Jackpot 5 is intriguing. On the surface my Jack5-Win strategy would be different than my Show5 handicapping. I'll have to figure a way to meld the two!

    Anonymous said...

    The jackpot 5 would be great... If picking the 5 winners got you something better than show. The win portion should be split if 2 or more winners. 50% to jackpot / 50% to winners. As such, I think it's probably unplayable.

    Teresa Halminton said...

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