• Harness-Betting Attack For Final Weekend Of The Year

    POSTED Dec 25, 2013

    Two dark days in the middle of the week, due to the Christmas holiday, leaves a lot of harness players just itching for action. We understand and empathize, which is why we are sitting here on Christmas Eve stuffing the blog with possible profitable participants across the board and in exotics for the last weekend of 2013.

    Our horses-to-watch (H2W) list continues to suggest contenders, all viable elements for win, place, show and exotics. As well, we feature analysis of overnight races we feel strongly about wagering regardless of class or gait.
    Though it is possible we will hit a larger paying horse than the one we suggested over the past year up to this weekend, we feel our Player’s Horse of the Year has already earned the title. But we won’t announce the horse unless it remains the best pari-mutuel win price of this year. However it turns out, as is our own tradition in this blog, we will announce the winner in our Monday, Dec. 30 blog. As well, we will list the top win-mutuel horses that this blog presented during the season in descending order, by the amount each paid to win, starting with 10-1 shots.
    This week’s offerings:

    Cal Expo
    Dec. 27, Race 6

    In this claiming handicap it is difficult to understand why the morning-line (ML) maker has Articulate as the third choice (5-1). Shipping in from Pocono, once may develop a great argument that he has raced as well as his lines support against better horses than this California-oriented field offers. Even with the drop of Mobil Big John into a tag race, his best condition efforts were at Colonial, also less impressive than the Pennsylvania bunch Articulate controlled. The ML choice was a beaten favorite in this group sans the presence of Articulate, though Majorley won before that at this level. The fans will more than likely support Majorley due to Luke Plano’s steering but Tyler Smith, aboard Articulate, is no stranger to the winner’s circle and is bound to make a strong mark in Sacramento.

    Dec. 28, Race 9

    Firstclassallthway is finding a comfortable spot at this level and due to drawing the 8 hole in this affair may go off a bit better than he deserves. Dismiss his Dec. 7 effort; he had no chance to beat the Invitational group he battled. If he races how he won at Maywood in a group similar to this, he will make it. Justa Cowboy will probably be more of an outsider for the crowd but is a legitimate contender, as well as he should not be left out of exotics. He was swift early at 24-1 last out, trying to compensate for post 9. His races at this level are competitive, with excuses for losing. If you have a hankering for the Superfecta here, you may want to use the obvious favorite, Best Man Hanover and Raging Cam, one that could up the payoff by sneaking into the top four at a price. It’s a 10-cent “Super,” so boxing it more than once with these would offer a healthy-percentage profit.

    H2W Legend

    Review our choices and follow the wagering at the prescribed track. These are possible contenders we have judged from reviewing races. The horses’ names are listed beneath the name of the track after the date they will be racing. The race in which they are entered (R and race number) follows. If a + is in front of a horse’s name it means it is appearing on the list for the second (and last time) because it failed to win the first time it appeared. An “ae” signals the horse is entered but on the also-eligible list. Types of wagering on any of the H2W listed horses are based on your judgment. If you have any questions, email us at TwinSpires.


    Cal Expo
    12/27/13, Ohnoyoudidnt R1; Hillcrest Romeo R9; High Bet Hanover R11; +Curvacious R12; +Blissful Kassie R14
    12/28/13, +Hi Ho Disguise R2; +Republic Of Panama R2; +Giant Sculpture R7

    12/26/13, Future Life R4; American Fly R9; Libertys Best Star R12
    12/27/13, Cyndalianne DVC R1; New York Colossus R2; Theablityofreason R3

    12/26/13, Pureform Chicklet R1; Iza Bin Freezin R2; Outlawishfulthinkn R2; Nazko Tribute R3; Hammers Wild Rose R3; Cenalta Wizard R5; Dontmakemebeg—AE—R5;  Thieving Magpie R6; Garden Gate Storm R7; Runaway Desirae R10; Theregoesmyheart R10
    12/27/13, Rays Edge R8

    12/26/13, +Pippi R9; +Our Miss Kristi R12; +Itzalassi R13; 
    12/27/13, +Powerful Pilot R11;+Winordietrying R13

    12/27/13, Milano Grande R3; Strawberry On Top R3; +Foof R3; Caribbean Girl R5; Mcardle Direct R9; +Classic Sakuri R10; Northern Fling R12
    12/28/13, Careless Love R3; Friskie Pants R6; Thomas John N –AE—R10;
    +The Classic Z Tam R12

    12/27/13; Sunny Bee R2; Outlawpocketrocket R2; Burn The House R6; Metajka Road R6; Dudes Bonnie R7; Ink Blink R7; Alcars Britefriday R8; Tatsu R9; Brave Rustler R10; Crimson Promise R10; American Passion R11
    12/28/13; Western Chrome R1; Sealedwithapromise R2; Kg Explorer R3; Watch And Pray R3; Outlaw Star Maker R6; Armbro Dublin R7; AE Va Va Varoom—AE—R9
    12/28/13, Hillbilly R4; Highland Bogart R9; Pip’s Quatro R10

    Sports Creek
    12/27/13, Leather Betty R2; French Art R9; He’s A Dreamer R9; Mystery Ringer R11; Illini Jack R12; Nocturnal Rose—AE—R13; Dreamy Amanda R13; Jay Dean Dew R14

    Western Fair
    12/27/13, +Victoryrun Killean R2; Ny Friend Diaz R9;+Kerrona R10; Beach Hero R12

    Ray Cotolo contributed to this edition.     

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