• TwinSpires Horse Racing Podcast w/Derek Simon 05/28 by TwinSpires Radio | Sports Podcasts

    POSTED May 28, 2014
    Host Derek Simon discusses some of the racetrack profiles that are featured in his “2014 Belmont Stakes Betting Guide” and examines the pedigrees of California Chrome and Smarty Jones.

    In the U. of Bet segment, Dave “The Horse Handicapping Authority” Schwartz and Derek discuss the teachings of pace handicapper extraordinaire Tom Brohamer, author of “Modern Pace Handicapping.”


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    The TwinSpires Horse Racing Podcast w/Derek Simon is a valuable resource for horse racing enthusiasts, providing expert commentary on the latest developments in the sport. The podcast covers a range of topics, from upcoming races to betting strategies and industry news, catering to both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers. The podcast's engaging delivery and passion for horse racing shine through, creating an immersive listening experience that keeps listeners coming back for more. The podcast features guest interviews and expert analysis, providing a comprehensive overview of the horse racing landscape. Overall, the podcast's value as a valuable resource for horse racing fans is highlighted, with its informative content and engaging presentation style earning a loyal following among fans of the sport. The podcast's value as a trusted source of insights and analysis has earned it a loyal following among fans of the sport.

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