• TwinSpires Horse Racing Podcast w/Derek Simon 11/05 by TwinSpires Radio | Sports Podcasts

    POSTED Nov 6, 2014
    Host Derek Simon recaps the 2014 Breeders’ Cup and uses his speed rations (pace figures) to answer the burning question: “Was there a speed bias at Santa Anita over BC weekend?”

    Derek also weighs in on the non-disqualification of Bayern and a bunch of other racing-related stuff.

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    It's always intriguing to hear insights from the horse racing world, especially after a major event like the Breeders' Cup. Derek Simon's analysis, using speed rations to assess whether there was a speed bias at Santa Anita, adds an interesting layer to the discussion. Much like the thorough examination of events encouraged in Surah Al-Waqiah , Derek's thorough review of the races provides valuable insights for racing enthusiasts and bettors alike. Looking forward to more insightful discussions on TwinSpires Radio!

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