• Winter Watching

    POSTED Dec 14, 2011
    Although keeping our Watch List (WL) is a task we do all year long, when the stakes season is over and the overnight races fall like a blizzard around North America, we pay special attention to WL horses and their roles in potentially stuffing our bankrolls before the new year.  

    Aside from win plays, the horses on the WL will show up in the scheme of various Pick 4s. Some of them may be overlooked by the public and pump up the price of a Pick 4 should they win.   

    We once again take on the Cal-Expo no-takeout Pick 4, using the same trip research we do for the WL horses around the ovals.    

    Cold Catches

    Your personal WL can include any and all the tracks you can follow. You can use the TwinSpires Stable Alert feature to get emails of horses you are following on your list. Here are our horses to watch in alphabetic order at three tracks. If they drew in Friday, Dec. 16, Saturday, Dec. 17 or Sunday, Dec. 18, the date and race follows a brief comment about their most recent performance. 

    CD’s Ideal –Closed well after 10-hole start

    Love This Place –Outside for two calls while well bet

    Meritage Hanover –Wide duel with early foot shows promise

    Ohyouateonetoo –Stuffed inside with nowhere to go late; Dec 17, Race 7

    Vette Man –Closed well from outside start; Dec. 17, Race 10

    Westedge Matt –Closed well enough to get there this time

    At Dover

    Allstar Shark –Wide trip to three-quarters ; Dec. 17, Race 9

    Awesome Blue Jean –Big brush to top early, hung wide at 12-1

    Battleship Kelly –8 hole launch with speed duel, still got third

    DJ Supreme –Broke and had no chance looking best in field

    Elton Blue Chip –Aggressive from 9 hole, hung two calls

    Kentucky Rebel –Second for two calls on the outside

    Redestrian –Rode steadily on the outside to three-quarters; Dec. 18, Race 1

    At Cal-Expo

    Blissful Kassie –Should come right back to win again; Dec. 16, Race 9

    Brooklet’s Sundance –Excuse the most recent race, sharp two back; Dec. 16, Race 11

    Jane The Brain –post hurt last time, could return at a price; Dec 16, Race 7

    Cal Exotic

    The no-takeout late Pick 4 at Cal Expo for Dec. 10 is made up of the final four races of the evening. Here are our suggested contenders for the legs, beginning with Race 10. 

    Leg 1
    (3) Mr. Me has one powerful brush that didn’t show well last out but could make a major impact here. (8) Ailene’s Prince got second even though he was all out first over.

    Leg 2
    (4) Quick On My Feet may come right back, having won the strongest of the trips presented by the two others in this field looking to continue winning streaks. (6) Laredo’s Goose was strong from the outside to win and gained after the stressful start.  

    Leg 3

    (6) Devilish Donnie was third last week and seems ready to make his winning move. He adores this oval and has been sharp through a few meets once he gets rolling.
    Leg 4
    (1) Franco Smoothie N stormed out of the gate and got stuck wide on the lead but managed to maintain a presence to finish third at 24-1. (3) Jeff The Builder was third as one of the choices and is a danger in this field as well.   

    The ticket: 3,8/4,6/6/1,3  = $2 for $16 

     (Ray Cotolo assisted in this edition.)
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