• On trying to look forward to the Belmont Stakes

    POSTED Jun 8, 2012

    Those associated with horse racing often talk about the highs and lows associated with investing yourself in the Sport of Kings.

    My investment is typically at the betting windows, and I’ve never felt this bad after losing a wager. When I lose a bet, it’s money and/or pride on the line, but when bad befalls my favorite sport and a horse I genuinely enjoyed watching run, the cut is deeper.

    How much flesh do racing fans have left, though? After serving as a punching bag for most of the spring, those bruises are still raw. Count me among those who doesn’t think a Triple Crown will solve the sport’s ills, but its pursuit is certainly some of the finest drama in all of sports, and something the masses still tune into.

    So rather than feeling like Caligula presiding over a great a party on Saturday, racing fans are left feeling more like Job—wondering why all these bad things happen to racing.

    And yet part of the beauty of horse racing is there is never too much time for self loathing. Horses don't know it's Christmas, and there is still a Belmont Stakes tomorrow along with 12 other races, including three other Grade 1 events, and Belmont Stakes or not, all the horses in the stable area still need to eat, train, and be cared for.

    I’ll Have Another’s scratch eliminates the chance of collective euphoria with 100,000 other people, but many will be thrilled with the outcome of tomorrow’s race. Someone’s dream will come true even after this nightmare.

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