• Belmont Stakes day 2012

    POSTED Jun 9, 2012
    There's no Triple Crown try, but the Belmont Stakes is still a $1-million race, and the Pick 6 and Pick 4 bets that end with the feature both offer guaranteed pools of $1-million, so there's still plenty of excitement to be had if you land on the right horses.
    Hopefully the numbers above correspond to the right horses. Nothing terribly clever except for Royal Currier in the True North who is 12-to-1 on the morning line, but I fear will be bet down more than that. Even my "B" selections should offer value, though, and it could be a rare "vertical" race for me in that I look at beating the favorites out of the top two spots.

    As for the Belmont Stakes, I thought Dullahan was the biggest threat to upset I'll Have Another's Triple Crown try, and now he's simply the biggest threat to win the race. The problem is that even though his chances of winning have increased, so too will the money bet on him, and if he's less than 2-to-1 then I'll have a hard time betting him to win. There are other opportunities, though. I'll be mostly singling him in the $1-million guaranteed pool Pick 4, and hooking him up with Atigun, Optimizer, and/or My Adonis in the exotics could pay well as well.

    But enough about that, who does Toga Tout like?!! (not updated post IHA's scratch but worth a watch for funzo)

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