• ‘Levy’ Concludes; Femmes Fight On Two Fronts

    POSTED Apr 27, 2011
    At Yonkers the George Morton Levy Memorial Final and the Bluechip Matchmaker Final are featured as April bows. Soph-filly pacers highlight the Courageous Lady at Northfield and soph-colt pacers strut in Woodbine’s Ontario Spring Stakes Final.

    It’s the last week in the free-for-all harness-handicapping-product offer for “Levy” players, available by clicking here. We hope you took advantage of these tools. Keep watching for more free offers to learn about the Brisnet handicapping products.

    Another visit to the no-takeout late Pick 4 at Cal Expo is in order as we continue to target the best outsiders with the smallest, smartest ticket available anywhere.

    Yonkers Features

    In Saturday, April 30’s $495,000 George Morton Levy Memorial Pacing Series Final, the field, with declared drivers and morning-line odds, is as follows: 1-This is Wyatt (Eric Goodell, 3-1 ), 2-Southern Allie (Dave Miller, 6-5); 3-Blatantly Good (Jason Bartlett, 5-1), 4-Gallant Yankee (Tim Tetrick, 5-1), 5-Real Nice (George Brennan, 6-1); 6-Foiled Again (Yannick Gingras, 6-5), 7-Foreign Officer (Tetrick also listed, 3-1); 8-Giddy Up Lucky (Goodell also listed, 12-1).

    This is Wyatt and Foreign Officer are coupled due to common ownership, while Southern Allie and Foiled Again race coupled due common owner and trainer (Ron Burke).

    Everyone will go for Foiled Again (photo) looking to win this race three years in a row. He took two weeks off from the series’ legs and is poised to pace a big mile. If one horse here has a good shot at fair odds against the defending champ it will be Gallant Yankee. He has been on the board in all but one Levy leg. He is hope for an upset, so watch the odds.

    In the Levy Consolation, it is tough to tell who will be the favorite. But the one that will be in it, hopefully at a good price, is Mr Massimo, who after his strong win last week showed how well he has adjusted to this track.   

    On the same program, Yonkers presents the $301,000 Bluechip Matchmaker Final for pacing mares, with declared drivers and morning-line odds, is as follows: 1-Ginger And Fred (Gingras, 8-5); 2-Save My Shark (Jim Pantaleano, 6-1); 3-Hula's Z Tam (Pat Lachance, 6-1); 4-Tomorrowpan (Dan Dube, 4-1); 5-Breakheart Pass (Tetrick, 10-1); 6-All Spirit (Brennan, 5-1), 7-Giveittoemstaight (Brennan also listed, 12-1); 8-Symphony in Motion (Dube also listed, 15-1)

    Ginger And Fred and Breakheart Pass, both trained by Burke, race uncoupled due to bona fide separate ownership.

    In the Matchmaker, Ginger And Fred will be seeking another championship (she won this race last year). She will be tough to beat but she is beatable. The one that could likely win this is All Spirit. She has gotten some good trips and she may get the best one when all the bucks are on the line.


    In the Matchmaker Consolation, Chancey Lady (photo) will be the likely favorite here as she has done the best in the legs. But one that has struggled all throughout the series is Shangai Lil. She always gets a first over trip and this week she might get a rail trip and make up for the misfortunes.

    ‘Spring’ Ahead

    In the Ontario Spring Stakes Final, Bare Necessity will be the likely favorite; he is undefeated so far this year. But last week, Legends Luck had a hard trip and was interfered when it came time to drive hard.

    He still closed for third at huge odds, but because of the interference, there was a refund. He is green, true, but he has every reason to improve and flashes enough potential to stop the favorite’s winning streak and take a place in the division.

    This is the kind of colt you like to catch early, before he plunges into the public’s favor. He should offer good odds in this, his second stakes appearance (the elim was his first).  

    ‘Lady’ Splits

    There is a pair of divisions in Northfield’s Courageous Lady on Saturday, April 30.

    Ron Burke’s Some Girls Do is the overwhelming choice in the first chapter. Something will have to go very wrong for this gal, from post 2, to lose. Her prohibitive odds will also eat at all exotics, so a pass may be in the works.

    Division two is more competitive on paper. Stash The Cash may have an edge over the two horses bound to get most of the money. With Aaron Merriman aboard, “Stash” has raced already this year, while the two touted gals, I Kill Time and Southwest make their season’s debut.

    Cal Exotic

    Saturday night, April 30, another no-takeout Pick 4, now with a higher guaranteed pool, goes at the California oval from Race 11 through Race 14. This week, leg two, Race 12, is a trot.

    Race 11
    (1) Bo Knows Power was in a recent ticket, tanked, and came back to win next out as a strong favorite, racing big. (6) Long Last Look should not be tossed out because of his recent loss. You cannot count this guy out ever. (7) Powergaiterdotcom was off his game last out but is still a threat.

    Race 12
    (4) Cherry Tree Nicole is a solid single here, having just missed in a strong effort last out.

    Race 13
    (4) Thatsmyson closed wickedly and won, a style that fits this field. (7) Heartland Express is dangerous off of a show finish with some left in the tank.

    Race 14
    (4) One Hot Tamale took a race after we trusted him to be in a Pick-4 combo and that was a huge win. (5) Well Heeled is way better than last week’s performance, letting an 18-1 shot beat him .

    If you want to use all of these, the 167/3/37/45 ticket cost $12.

    Watch List Action

    On Friday at Woodbine, we are considering seven horses. In Race 1 Striker Ray (3); Race 2 Dance Until Dawn (4) and Michelleanas Angel (9); Race 3 Stood Alone (4); Race 4 Lets Rock N Roll (1); Race 8 Palazzo Princess (7) and Race 11 Virtuous Western (1).

    On Saturday at Woodbine, we are considering four horses. In Race 4 Campasser (4) and R Lil King (7); Race 7 Rock Me Amastroes (2) and Race 8 Ericskarri (2).

    (Ray Cotolo assisted in this edition.)
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