• Breeders' Cup needs more Super Bass

    POSTED Oct 7, 2011
    Unfortunately, racing isn't popular enough to warrant inclusion in the lexicon of pop music, but thanks to the gift of parody we can try to make the Sport of Kings a bit more relevant.

    I took a gentle ribbing on Twitter when I mentioned that I actually like the song "Super Bass" by Nicki Minaj. It's a catchy little ditty that really came into focus for me after the Beldame when I realized that with that right cadence "Havre de Grace" can fit into the rhythm of "Super Bass". Ideally, I'd be rapping this at Keeneland while the likely champion older female prepares for the Breeders' Cup Classic, but I can't rap and don't know anyone who can, so I'd rather share the lyrics now in the hopes that some industrious rap artist will improve the lyrics a bit, drop a beat on it, and get this thing to go viral.

    Anyway, for those unfamiliar with the song, here is the video (some possibly NSFW themes and dance moves). It definitely helps to have a feel for the song for the rap to more easily read the HdG rap below.

    This one is for the boys at the Breeders’ Cup
    Lots of chatter about what matters leading up
    When I come up in the stall you better toughin up
    Run you into the ground and you’ll be easing up

    And he’s fast, can last, might give a thrill
    Pop the latch on the gate and get me in a duel
    He’ll go, try to roll, but end up a little short
    Always in the mix but never going to finish
    When I make’em down shift jockey hit’em with a stick stick
    Don’t even need a perfect trip to win it in the last click
    That’s the kind of race you should look for
    And yes you’ll lose money if you don’t know
    I think we can agree this is a heck of a field
    I mean, I look all around and they’re all I would own
    I mean, I’ve got Porter and Repole has Mo
    But a bowtie is preferred to vitamin H2O
    Yes I will yes I will everybody will know who the F I is
    I’m Havre de Grace and back the dudes up, back my figs up, bet against me and rip your deuce up

    And now my hoof beat’s running away
    Beating like a drum and it’s coming your way
    Can’t you hear them hoofs, ba-boom, hoofs, ba-boom
    That’s Havre de Grace
    Hoofs, ba-boom, hoofs ba-boom
    That’s Havre de Grace (Havre de Grace) 

    This one of the boys in the Woodward
    Wannabe winners with high hopes
    They could ball with their crew but had no hope
    But I think I like it better than facing the girls
    And I think I’m long gone with the afterburners on
    My jockey ain’t even got to put the stick on
    He just give me that chirp, when he give me that cue
    Then the race is gone off
    You’ll lose to me if you stick to my thigh, race in hand, jockey ride high
    Scream, watch me go by, rest of the field staring at my backside
    Yes I will yes I will everybody will know who the F I is
    I’m Havre de Grace and back the dudes up, back my figs up, bet against me and rip your deuce up

    And now my hoof beat’s running away
    Beating like a drum and it’s coming your way
    Can’t you hear them hoofs, ba-boom, hoofs, ba-boom
    That’s Havre de Grace
    Hoofs, ba-boom, hoofs ba-boom
    That’s Havre de Grace (Havre de Grace)


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