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    POSTED Feb 15, 2012
    We’re getting there, through this winter season, though timid for many in North America. We know time is passing because the winter series finals are parading at the Meadowlands, including the Cape & Cutter and Aquarius. As well, three-year-old colts headline the Junior Trendsetter Final and fillies in the Tender Loving Care. Sophs already? Soon you will see green on your trees. 

    Up north, where it has also been unseasonable, Woodbine rolls out more WEGZ and Horseplayer Interactive miles, while TwinSpires players continue Saturdays bonus betting, raking in TSC Elite points to the tune of 10X with winning $10 tickets.   

    At Cal-Expo we engage in another ticket hopefully filled with the kind of winners that will bury the number in the exclusive TwinSpires-Cal-Expo no-takeout Pick 4 ensues.  

    As well, we have repeats from our Watch List (H2W) along with another winner for your inspection.  


    The winter series at the Meadowlands cover the weekend, with the Cape & Cutter and Tender Loving Care miles on Feb. 17.  

    The “Cutter” gives us little choice but to take Mud Pie Hanover after a great winning mile. He doesn’t have to work for an early position, as he didn’t last week, to do it again. Still, our other contender, Oceans Motion remains in the picture. In the most recent Cutter leg, he worked hard to get the lead. Here it may come easier and a better trip will salvage some of that speed for when it counts. 

    What can you say about the Aquarius Final? Westwardho Hanover meets all the conditions and will attract all of the money as he attempts an obvious sweep. If you were to bank on an upset—not with a great stake on it—you might look to Townslight Hanover. Never count out the mount of a John Campbell drive in a series that dates back to when he was the only person participating out of anyone connected to any horse in this series. I am not solely suggesting you bet the driver; the horse has any day now to get better and this could be the day.  

    Also dangerous, Sir Ziggy’s Z Tam may be at his peak after rebounding well in leg two. Use him in upset exotics with the other two mentioned.  

    Take A Walk put in the strongest of the three “Trendsetter” miles last week and should be ready to handle a tough trip, one that may be presented by Eastwood Blue Chip and the fallen favorites Social Network and I’m A Pied Piper. In fact, “Walk” may be somewhat of an outsider, which is what we like in a good competitor.  

    The Exit 16W could offer an upset with Real Flight. He raced well after making an early move and that could have been the warning signal that puts him into contention to  win at a price.  

    Interactive And WEGZ

    It’s another Saturday where Woodbine players at TwinSpires will receive 10X TSC Elite Points for cashing $10-win tickets. Although we are just covering the features, the bonus is good for the entire program.   

    The Horseplayer Interactive Final has come down to four-year-old-and-up 10 pacing mares. The contender we feel could produce an upset is Shine N Shimmer. She closed well last week to get into the final and with good placement could be using that late flash with less real estate to gobble. With top-notched winner DGs Tinkerbell in the 9 hole, our choice could have a great trip from post 5.  

    More four-year-olds, though not specifically mares, get on track for the WEGZ Final. Our choice from last week, Topcornerterror, should do much better than last week and because that was a poor showing could be a bettor’s bargain.  

    All Along The Watchtower

    Our Watch List (H2W) continues to follow the horses on the lists below.

    Buffalo Raceway
    HBF’s Tommy-t, Feb. 18, Race 2
    Unrecognized Saint, Feb. 18, Race 5
    Redford Hall, Feb. 18, Race 6
    Rick’s Jackpot, Feb. 18, Race 8

    Pompano Harness
    Blue Boy, Feb. 18, Race 2 
    Waterside Champ, Feb. 18, Race 6

    Cal Exotic

    The Feb. 18 no-takeout Pick 4 at Cal-Expo once again challenges us in an effort to take down the pool. These four legs are volatile tests, for sure, so we are taking it cheaply but with courageous picks. Here are our suggested contenders with comments:

    Leg 1
    (3) Sonic Wave had a flash of early foot that was stressful but still picked up the show. (5) Sun On The Rocks should race better than he was bet last week when he caught second at 7-2.

    Leg 2
    I would never hit the “all” button but this leg is tempting. We will try with (8) Artilda, who we last left looking like a prospective winner after some reasonable trips.

    Leg 3
    (9) Cladstownimpression has been racing far better than his odds and even though he gets the outside here he could surprise and be another key to a giant payoff.

    Leg 4
    (2) Fork In The Road was hung badly and yet breathed enough to get third at 4-1. With an easier trip he could be home free. (4) Doit By The Clock was ignored at 3-1 while finishing second as if he were 4-5.

    You can add or subtract to these choices if you care to invest in more contenders.

    Ray Cotolo contributed to this article

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