• A titanic misjudgment

    POSTED May 8, 2012
    You know those stories about people who should have been on the Titanic but weren't because of some twist of fate like constipation or they thought they left embers glowing in their coal-burning stove, had to turn back, and then missed boarding?

    Well, I'm the guy who got on the boat instead.

    To the victor go the spoils, and it has been a pleasure watching people such as Brisnet.com colleague James Scully bask in the glow of having picked I'll Have Another to win the Kentucky Derby and cash in on that opinion.

    Others had him, too, and not just "West Coast gamblers" as the New York Times' foremost authority on horse racing, Joe Drape, asserted when calling the race an upset after picking the horse to finish in last place. Blood Horse Editor Evan Hammonds was on board as was Kentucky Thoroughbred Association Marketing Director Melissa Nolan. HRTV's Jon White had the horse, and representing the East Coast was the Breeders' Cup's Peter Rotondo.

    As for me? Well, after liking the horse all year--drafted him in first round (seventh overall pick) of my Triple Crown Fantasy League, bet him in the first two future pools, and bet him in the Santa Anita Derby--I boarded the Hansen, and hit an iceberg on the far turn that derailed my shot at Derby-picking glory that surely would have at least last me through Preakness until I got on board a horse like Kissin Saint (easily my worst Preakness pick).

    Tabbing Hansen to win this year's Kentucky Derby isn't as bad as when I picked Saarland to do so in 2002, but it definitely stings more.

    Brian O said...

    Don't feel bad, Ed. I had the winner in the Twinspires futures.. or so I thought. So I bet on a bunch of others at the bar, just to hedge the big mammoth bet I thought I had on O'Neill's horse. Turns out, my money had gone to Fed Biz, so I had not a penny on my favorite horse.
    Next futures bet I place, I need to document right away. The PDF I have is from 3/30 so even that long ago, change in positions was afoot.

    Attherock said...

    I was in 3rd place in the Road to the Roses going into the Derby, had I'll Have Another in my stable but made Hansen, Rags and Bode my power horses...dropped to 20th. Ugh.

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