• Let 8 Ride is back with big wins

    POSTED Jul 11, 2013
    What started out as an $8 win bet on Thursday turned into a $1,407 decision on Sunday.

    California horseplayer Ryan Yokoyama decided to take the plunge, and although he didn't connect on his win bet to land in the Jay Trotter Hall of Fame, there was a $1,000 safety net waiting for him as the lone Let 8 Ride player to survive Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

    "My thought is I was getting a free $1,000 bet, and that rarely happens," Yokoyama said. "In one way, you can look at it as I lost $407, but I prefer to look at it as a $984 profit since I wouldn't have bet on these Arlington races without the contest; I try to play all the great contests you have at TwinSpires.com."

    To play Let 8 Ride, all a TwinSpires.com user has to do is place an $8 win wager on the eighth race on Thursday at Arlington Park. If successful, you can let it ride in race 8 on Friday when another success means guaranteed money ($500) on Saturday. Make it another day to Sunday and the guaranteed money doubles to $1,000.

    Although the $1,407 win bet didn't work out for Yokoyama, other wagers on Sunday did, as he connected on a Pick 5 at Hollywood Park that paid $3,646.45.

    "I wasn't going to pass up a 'free' $1,000 bet, so I let it ride. In what was clearly the biggest bet of my life, it made for an exciting day even though I lost, but the Pick 5 at Hollywood later in the day made the day even better," Yokoyama said. "I ended up using some of the winnings to buy a new, comfortable chair for my desk so I can spend hours watching TwinSpires.com on the computer.

    "Thanks again, and I appreciate all you provide to horse players."

    Let 8 Ride begins race 8 every Thursday at Arlington Park exclusively on TwinSpires.com.
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