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    POSTED Jan 22, 2011
    Fair Grounds (01/22/11)
    Race 1 * 6.0 Furlongs * Dirt

    4-Early Return (8/5)
    Fair Odds: 9-5
    1-Sweetsouthernmoon (5/1)
    Fair Odds: 6-1
    7-Mambo Galliano (7/5)
    Fair Odds: 5-2

    COMMENTS: This doesn’t look like a great betting race, barring something crazy, although I do think the top two morning line favorites should probably be reversed. EARLY RETURN has great tactical speed and trainer Stephen Margolis is sticking with a familiar and successful work pattern coming into today’s race; rates the edge. SWEETSOUTHERNMOON has a 12-3-5-3 ledger in his races on the dirt and should be closing late. MAMBO GALLIANO loves Fair Grounds and fits very well here, but I’m a bit troubled by the 58-day respite after his win in the Thanksgiving Handicap.

    BET(S): WIN on 4 at odds of 9-5 or greater.

    Fair Grounds (01/22/11)
    Race 3 * 6.0 Furlongs * Dirt

    3-Dance Caller (5/2)
    Fair Odds: 8-5
    4-Heavenly Chorus (7/2)
    Fair Odds: 7-2
    6-Be Me (9/2)
    Fair Odds: 6-1

    COMMENTS: Pace makes this race. DANCE CALLER has won five of six starts when leading after the first call, which seems almost assured in this event, provided jockey Shane Sellers is on the ball. HEAVENLY CHORUS ran great in his 2011 debut, but was claimed from master conditioner Steve Assmussen and faces tougher today. BE ME is in good form.

    BET(S): WIN on 3 at odds of 8-5 or greater.

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