• Derek Simon's Weekend Win Factor Plays

    POSTED Jul 30, 2011

    (Click on image to enlarge)

    Derek Simon’s Free Selection Statistics

    Races (Selections): 36 (39)
    Wins: 13
    Rate: 36.1%
    Return: $96.50
    ROI: +23.72%

    (This year's published selections through 07/29/11.)

    Note: Play is restricted to any horse(s) that meet my fair odds requirements (when listed). Multiple qualifying contenders will be bet separately, however, multiple bets will be adjusted to equal a single wager and the payoffs averaged. For example a winning WIN/PLACE wager paying $6.20 on top and $4.30 underneath would count as a single bet paying $5.25 (the average of $6.20 and $4.30).

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