• Breeders' Cup grand slam contest

    POSTED Nov 2, 2012
    Baseball season is over, and the grand slam wager is only offered on NYRA and New Mexico racing, but that doesn't mean you can't load the bases at this year's Breeders' Cup and hit a home run with this fun contest brought to you by TwinSpires.com & Brisnet.com! Our grand prize winner will receive $250 or $500 if s/he is a TwinSpires.com member!

    Former NYRA executive Bill Nader (now with the Hong Kong Jockey Club) invented the Grand Slam as a wager to appeal both to casual show players and to exotic players. The hybrid wager requires the bettor to select a horse to show in three consecutive races followed by a horse to win in the fourth race of the sequence.

    The Breeders' Cup has not been in New York since the Grand Slam wager debuted in spring 2006, so it's never been offered, but that does not mean we can't have some fun with the concept at this year's World Championships.

    To enter, simply input a horse to show in three separate races (load the bases) then select a horse to win the Breeders' Cup Classic for a grand slam). You can load the bases with horses from any of the 14 Breeders' Cup races preceding the Classic, but your win round selection must come in the Classic, and you cannot use a Classic horse to help load the bases.

    First tiebreaker: Highest win price of WIN round selection; second tiebreaker: highest show price of show round selections.

    Other prizes: In addition to the grand prize, all those TwinSpires.com or Brisnet.com members who successfully hit a grand slam will receive a $20 Brisnet.com credit.

    Fine print: One entry per e-mail address. To claim the TwinSpires.com grand prize the e-mail you enter this contest with must match an e-mail of a TwinSpires.com member. You do not need to be a member of either site to win the $250 cash prize. You do need to be a member of either TwinSpires.com or Brisnet.com (or both!) to claim the $20 product credit for hitting a grand slam.

    Click here to sign up for TwinSpires.com; click here to sign up for Brisnet.com.

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